Everyone is adapting to “the new normal” amidst the pandemic, and the same goes for all businesses. Tech companies and innovators are working together to find quick solutions, tools, and innovative approaches so that businesses can easily adapt. Data-driven enterprises are utilizing data analytics for agility and to quickly apply new technological trends and ready themselves for government restrictions such as ordering offices to lock them down. Prolong restrictions impacted realty and office buildings and that economies around the world started to switch to virtual working.

a boss working from home
Working from home offers more flexibility for most companies.

Work from home arrangements

Some companies realized that it is possible to continue day-to-day operations while at home only by having a good computer and internet at home.  But “Work From Home” and distance teams are still challenges to most firms. Employees do not get to access platforms as easily as those who work at the main office, creating gaps between corporate staff and store employees. Industries are exploring ways to implement experiences learned to overcome such difficulties. Many software and applications now allow companies to operate online. First, data is collected from devices and hardware. After that, it is integrated with the business database and is stored in the cloud. Next, users can perform analytics supported by AI to help them make smart decisions in appropriating and automating important procedures. Last, the goal is to make processes happening online as effective as when they are processed in the office. It can be seen that traditional offices are not as necessary anymore with digital transformation as described above. But that might be temporary.

Employees safety

Companies are developing policies and guidelines on online communication and internet-based training courses to retain talents effectively while keeping them safe. This applies to both white-collar workers such as accountants, programmers and blue-collar workers such as those who work in factories. With new Covid 19 precautionary measures, offices now prioritize safety in parallel with efforts to sustain productivity. Social distancing requires companies to reassess how their buildings and their systems are being used such as furniture, equipment, and facilities, bringing about the move to co-working space as the optimal solution.

The rise of coworking spaces

Many companies realized the importance of having a hybrid working environment as it helps the company move forward amidst turmoil and saves rental costs at the same time. A hybrid working environment can be more economically viable for companies especially for those who shut down office operations and choose to come to coworking spaces to maintain work-life balance.

Spacious working area

How our coworking spaces look like >>

Shared workspaces provide a professional working environment with well-equipped infrastructure ensuring Covid-19 safety along with excellent services. Its spacious design can cater to the needs of evolving customers. Coworking spaces like Hello World Saigon offer customized, flexible, and managed workplace solutions, including premium amenities, integrated with hospitality and F&B experiences.

If corporations want their remote workers to be productive & happy, they need to enhance their “work from home” strategy by offering employees private, professional offices. Coworking spaces offer just that, with more freedom, independence, and possibilities. From a cash flow perspective, they are also ideal choices for startup entrepreneurs looking for a professional workspace without the high upfront costs and long-term commitment. Seamless access to these facilities provides our members with the ability to work-play-grow, all under one roof! Instead of being fearful of the pandemic, firms need to make decisions quickly and confidently in terms of moving their offices or offering their employees the option to work in a co-working space. This will guarantee the safety and efficiency of their people. Thanks to digital transformation, companies will be able to stay on top of their strategies despite working away from traditional offices.