The source of infection in the office needs to be cleaned regularly. Elevator buttons, doorknobs, card scanners, water purifiers: These are contact surfaces containing many viruses and bacteria that spread pathogens fastest in the workplace. To limit the risk of infection with bacteria and viruses from the above machines and public utensils, use antibacterial wipes and wash your hands often at work. Computer keyboards, phones are almost not cleaned regularly, are also the perfect surface to contact bacteria and viruses every time we sneeze, cough when we sit at the desk. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean and purify them so that the working environment is clean and airy, reducing the risk of virus infection. Air conditioners also need to be cleaned regularly as when they are not cleaned properly and regularly will cause the filter to be changed, all kinds of bacteria and fungi in the machine are flushed out, which can lead to many problems. Respiratory diseases include some dangerous infections such as pneumonia.

It is worth mentioning that shoes contain a lot of dirt, soil, sand, bacteria… Viruses from the saliva of an infected person falling to the ground can survive for about 5 hours after leaving the host. Handbags, wallets and money also contain many bacteria due to frequent contact with hands, so the risk of spreading disease-causing germs into the human body is very high. Therefore, experts recommend washing your hands after coming into contact with those items. Sanitize bags and wallets with antibacterial wipes or gels to prevent cross-contamination.

Maintain hygiene in the cafeteria: Wash your hands before and after eating. Wait until you get the rice, the food is done, sit down to eat, then remove the mask. Avoid talking while eating. Do not share the food in your plate with others.

Maintain hygiene at the toilet: Keep a distance of 1m or more when queuing to go to the bathroom. Close the toilet lid and then flush. Wash hands thoroughly after going to the toilet.

Keep the workplace clean: Limit meetings, if you have to meet, wear a mask, keep a distance from colleagues. Limit gatherings, eating and drinking in large numbers. The office is not your home, but remember that the time you spend there is much more than the time you spend at home, so don’t waste your effort and time to clean and regularly clean the workplace every week, Even daily, make sure the working room is always clean and well ventilated.

Be aware of colleagues: Always wear a mask for your own health and that of others to prevent the spread of Covid-19 pneumonia. When you are sick, it is best to take a break from work to avoid becoming a source of infection for your colleagues. If you have a mild illness, you should take the initiative to protect yourself and others by wearing a mask, do not go to a large area in the office while you are sick.