The lingering impact of the pandemic has left many of us working from home with varying degrees of mental health concerns. The Qualtrics report shows the lingering impact of working at home has a widening impact on our mental health – 41.6% of respondents said mental health has declined since the outbreak of COVID-19.

When you are forced to live and work in a tight space, your life will certainly be turned upside down. Activities such as sleeping, eating and playing without separation from working not only make you distracted, affect work productivity but also affect your psychological health. The Covid years have changed the way we relate to each other, so fast that the human brain hasn’t had time to adapt. From communicating, chatting with colleagues in person, or having lively debates and discussion meetings, it has all moved to the online form. We gradually become lost, lonely in our own homes and work. Anxiety, worry, and stress at work accidentally disrupt the balance in life and work, and mental health is severely reduced.

The rapid arrival of the Covid pandemic also made it difficult for businesses to adapt to the “New Normal”. They struggle with new policies and working methods but forget that taking care of employees’ mental health is also very important. Gallup data confirms that since the start of the pandemic, employees with high burnout likely to take sick leave are more than 63%, 13% less confident in their performance, and 23% more likely to go to the emergency room.

In the future, when the shortage of human resources becomes alarming, the Covid pandemic is also a wake-up call for businesses to pay more attention to the spiritual life of their employees.

Coworking Space, share offices are the optimal solution for businesses.

The ideal solution for companies to overcome this issue is to let employees work in co-working spaces. A co-working space is really a place for employees to feel connected and happy while working in a professional, productive environment. Many co-working spaces encourage community interaction and support through networking and social events, and these can provide great opportunities to make new connections. Moreover, co-working spaces often come with quiet areas for those moments in the day when workers need to de-stress. Some other spaces and activities may be beneficial, like exercise rooms or yoga sessions. Many co-working spaces also have staff and processes in place to keep the shared office neat, tidy, and organized, which helps to improve attention and lead to a better state of mental health. Last but not least, co-working spaces often have wellbeing and wellness advocates on hand to help their members. The support services can include resources, coaching, seminars, and community support.

Hello World Saigon| The Dream Workplaces

The shared office model is still quite new and strange to individuals and businesses in the country while this model has been spread and developed in the US and Europe since the 90s. A report for that, when the pandemic broke out, this model is growing more than ever because of convenience, optimizing costs for companies and businesses.

With 8 floors located in the center of Binh Thanh, Hello World Saigon breaks the boredom of the traditional office, providing a complete space in terms of functionality including coworking space, private office, fixed desks and hot desks, along with superior facilities such as F&B, gym, yoga, swimming pool, hotel. With a diverse ecosystem, Hello World Saigon is a rainbow in the rain of Saigon, a beautiful new thing to help businesses firmly row, smash the old and ready for the New Normal.