Are you working from home?

There are a lot of companies that are trying to embrace and adapt to flexible working arrangements and people like to have that freedom and empowerment to decide the time they can work best and deliver. But there are two sides to the coin here.

Here are the top disadvantages that most remote teams are facing.

1. Temptations at home

Since the implementation of the lockdowns, many of us stayed at home to work which also resulted in a higher level of stress. When we are stressed, we have the luxury of switching to a vacation mode at home and because of this, people reduce or lose motivation, interest and the drive for productivity.

Our home is surrounded by things we usually use to cope with stress like the TV, with a Netflix subscription on it. Maybe your spouse works from home too and you’d prefer to talk to her all day which pulls you out of focusing at work.

2. Slower team response

Collaboration is important to quickly achieve the team’s goal. Problem-solving can be quickly discussed face to face unlike via video conference as impromptu interaction mostly leads to coming up with quick solutions or creative ideas generated in brainstorming.

Most of us require social interactions for creativity to come out instantly and conversations via video calls won’t just suffice. There is also no set of office hours most people working at home follow. That means if you wanted to quickly speak to your team, they might not prefer to work at the time you prefer to work to thus the waiting game in replies happens.

3. You feel lonely

Working at home means you are alone most of the time in your room if you are living with your family or if you are an individual in your crib. It leads to feelings of isolation and detachment from social interactions. People working at home mostly chat, and email their coworkers for work. Socially speaking, we need to interact face to face and this is what people missed out on.

You probably wanted to ask people out after working since you have been staying home all day, a sign that you are feeling isolated.

4. Not getting quality sleep

This may sound opposite to you but working from home especially if you work in your bed or set up your mini office in your bedroom tends to disrupt your sleep hormones which can trigger and worsen insomnia.

There is a lack of distinction between a working place and a place of rest making people who work in their rooms have problems sleeping at night at the usual time because your brain tells you that you to work in a place where you normally rest and sleep.

Also keeping computers, gadgets or devices we use at work on worsens the mental association between your bedroom and sleep.

5. Difficulty in motivation

Overall, the disadvantages above will lead to demotivating yourself in the company you are working at. Thankfully there is an option that combines the flexibility of you working from home and solves those issues above at the same time.

Coworking spaces allow professionals to keep their personal and work life separate while surrounding themselves with creative folks within their team or other people who are also seeking to balance their lifestyles. Most of all, people who opt to go to coworking spaces found themselves happier, more active and more creative!

If you are dealing with one of the above then you are invited for a tour of our coworking space and to see how people change the way they work.