It is an open workspace, an emerging trend in big cities in Vietnam and around the world.

It started in San Francisco in 2005 and then spread globally. Even well-known corporations in North America, Europe and Asia are opting for this when it comes to accommodating their distant employees, especially during Covid-19 when everyone is encouraged to work from home. However, this concept is still not yet familiar to many people. A simple answer to the question of what is coworking space is that it is the place for entrepreneurs and professionals to network and collaborate with endless business opportunities. There are many people who are freelancers or distant employees who work at home or coffee shops.

Coworking is an alternative solution of working which people share the common space with the capacity for several individuals and companies, sharing communal areas and equipment to optimize costs yet maintaining private work areas. In this environment, people will not feel isolated and stay away from distractions.

What is the reason behind coworking space one might ask?

This model has helped millions of workers around the world improve their productivity and connect with like-minded individuals. This concept has created well-connected communities and meaningful values which supported members in their personal and professional growth. This is also suitable for small businesses and startups in terms of price and office design. Imagine if you are to rent a traditional office, how much it would cost you to customize the design and pay for monthly maintenance costs. There is also the requirement to commit to the rent for a long time.

What is the best option then?

A coworking space is as it will provide all the office facilities needed. Moreover, amenities such as fitness studio, community events, complimentary coffee and tea will come with memberships. Meeting rooms and event spaces are also available for when you need. The companies can focus on their core businesses while having logistics taken care of, including security, cleaning, reception and mailing services. As there are frequent personnel changes with smaller firms as well as expansions and retrenchments, the ability to scale up or down in terms of office space is extremely important. Most importantly, there is no commitment in terms of rental contract. Businesses might also choose to register their company address at that coworking space location. A good company location will impress clients and attract as well as retain more talented employees for the company.

Hello World Saigon in Saigon Pearl area, Binh Thanh district, Ho Chi Minh is a great example of this. It is one of the most vibrant workspace you will ever experience. Being a member there, you and your team will get a private workspace which comes with essential office amenities. You will have access to all common spaces and member benefits. If working at home or cafes is not for you, you should come and experience the space. It not only provides dedicated and flexible desks for freelancers but also private office for firms or teams. All you need to do is let Hello World Saigon know your workspace needs and they will take care of the rest. And when you want to host a business meeting or seminar, there are modern, fully-equipped, and sound-proof meeting rooms with the capacity of up to 10 people for conferences with employees or clients. What is even better, the coworking space is only 5 minutes away from Ho Chi Minh city Central business districts in district 1 and district 2, the professional work environment is perfect for all individual and business requirements. Nearby the building within the neighborhood are plenty of restaurants, supermarkets and coffee shops, making the location convenient and there will alsways be interesting activities to entertain. The location also provides beautiful views for members to enjoy while taking breaks from work, enjoying complimentary drinks in a well-designed pantry while engaging in fascinating conversations with fellow members.